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True Success

Positive Thoughts
‘True success is deemed by the ability to continue perusing your dreams, despite others telling you it’s time to quit!’

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Sunday Motivation

Don’t wait until January 1st to make your New Years resolution.

Don’t wait until next month to start the new project you’ve planned.

Don’t wait until next week to follow up on the idea you’ve had.

And don’t wait until tomorrow – Follow up on that things that you’ve always wanted to achieve.

If you have a dream that sparks your passion and fires up your soul – Do it now!  Life is for living!

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An Actors Life


Snippets into an Actors life.

We wake up every morning with hope in our hearts that today will be that day. The day when that phone call from our agent arrives telling us we got the part. The one that we were hoping for, the one that we got down on our knees and prayed to whatever we believed in for. Sometimes that day does come. For the rest of us, well we will keep on going and hope that one day that elusive phone call arrives.

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Positive Thinking

The 3 best pieces of advise I have been given or have heard are:

  • Never give up on your dreams.
  • Don’t look at how far you have to go, look at how far you have already come.
  • “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible.” Audrey Hepburn.

My own advice that I have given to others and I would like to share with you is:

  • When looking back over your day – Even if the day’s been one of your darkest: Try and find one thing that has made you smile. It can be anything from a trip out, a meal you have eaten, a friend you have seen or a tv show that’s entertained you. Make a mental note of it, record it in a notepad, share it on one of your social media sites or on your blog.

I’m currently recording my personal progress through the Happy Days Challenge.


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It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last that I stood in front of an audience. I was about 5 years old, stood in front of my mum, dad and grandparents and I had created a short play based on one of my favourite fairytales at the time, which I was now about to perform for them. All these years later nothing has changed, well apart from the audience size, I am still performing, and im also writing my own stories, poems and plays. I love bringing joy to others through the arts and I truly hope and believe that will never change.

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Help For Depression

‘You can be in a room with loads of people and still feel completely alone’

When you are feeling depressed, helpless, lonely or completely empty inside. Then give the following tips a go.

*I did and they are starting to help me!

1. Go and see your doctor. There is no shame in asking for help!

* If you are in danger of self harm or you are having suicidal thoughts, then call the EMERGENCY SERVICES.

2. Visit family and friends. If no one lives near by then give them a call.

3. Get involved in a local social group.

4. Take up a fitness class or start cycling or

5. Watch your favourite Tv show, watch a film you love or read a good book. One of my personal favourites is
Little Women.

6. Take a class at a local college or a free online course like Future Learn

7. Start writing a journal or an online blog.

8. Create your own event or personal challenge. Here’s mine.
Book Challenge: Read & Blog.

9. Visit somewhere you love. E.g. The beach, your favourite attraction or go for a walk in the countryside.


*These tips are not here to replace medical help, so for my 10th tip, I am going to repeat the number 1 tip!


10. Go and see your doctor, ask for counselling. If it is an emergency then call your EMERGENCY SERVICES.


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Performance: Ingrained within my soul

One of my favourite activities, which I am also lucky enough to call my career, is performance.

Performing can be described as a display of entertainment using a variety of art forms; including, spoken words, musical notes and dance. As a performer, I specifically enjoy focusing on the disciplines of acting and singing.

There are many reasons why I love performance; however, it is not for the reasons many people think. No, it’s not for the fame and it is also definitely not for the money. Around one percent of performers are actually earning a top bracket wage within their chosen field; the rest are in low income work or are currently unemployed.

I am one of those unknown entertainers, and frankly, I really don’t care! Yes, recognition for my craft would be nice but the main reason I do what I do is for the love, the truth, and the passion; for those moments when I am on stage; the curtains open, the lights hit, and the magic begins. For those brief moments in time when I become the character and get to live another life; it’s the adrenaline rush that happens before, during, and after a performance, and knowing each time is new, fresh, and unique. Having an opportunity to entertain an audience, to communicate a story, an idea, a perspective, and to have that audience invest in everything I am saying, everything I am doing, and the emotions I am expressing.

However, there really is only one true way to express why I enjoy performance on such a passionate, deep, and personal level. The reason simply is, that I can’t imagine myself not being on stage, and not having the opportunity to feel the electric atmosphere.

Performance is ingrained within my soul, and it will remain there forever.

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Dawlish: The home for my soul.

WordPress Daily Prompt: BEACH.

Dawlish in Devon has always been one of my favourite places to visit. Ever since I was a young child I have enjoyed coming here and experiencing everything the town has to offer.

There is the local Warren where you can experience the buzzing of bees, the smell of decadent flowers, the chatter of birds, and all the other various animals and insects roaming, joyfully free. You can listen intently for the rattle, chinks and clangs of the trains when they pass by and look out over the stunning countryside views, jagged cliffs and the beautiful scenic pathways, which all add to the natural splendour of the area.

My favourite activities include walking alongside the river which flows gently through the middle of the high street. Sitting on the soft green grass next to the riverbank, I love to close my eyes and breathe in the wonderful aromas that surround me: The smell of roast dinners drifting out of the cafes and local village pubs; the smell of fresh baked bread, cream cakes, ice cream and clotted cream mix together to tantalise my taste buds. When I open my eyes all my childhood holiday memories flood back to me as I watch the swans swim happily by and see the excited children throw food onto the floor and hear them all roar with laughter as they watch the ducklings scurrying after the bits of food they have dropped, swallowing them and then splashing back into the water before the seagulls and pigeons boisterously swoop in to take what’s left. 

I would have to say that my favourite place in Dawlish has to be the stunning coastline. When I am here I feel as though my mind and body are totally relaxed and my troubles are all melting away. I love removing my shoes and stepping onto the beach and feeling the warmth of the sand slither between by toes. I feel the soft sea breeze sweeping through my hair; I breathe in and my nostrils are filled with the fragrance of washed up seaweed, mixed together with the odour of fresh prawns and muscles from the nearby food stand. I step into the sea, letting the soft, cool water wrap around my ankles as I glide along the shoreline and take in the alluring oceanic view.

Dawlish. My second home, my haven. My favourite place to be.


Beach: Dawlish the home for my soul.