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Book Review.

Book Challenge: Read & Blog.

Challenge 2: Read a book you have never read by an author you love:

Villette. Charlotte Bronte

I decided to choose Charlotte Bronte because I am a huge fan of her novel Jane Eyre and up until now I have not read any of her other work.


Having no family or friends Lucy Snowe sets sail from England and travels to the town of Villette, where she finds employment in a girls boarding school.

It is here that she struggles with unruly pupils, the headmistress who continually spies on her staff. Later she deals with her feelings for the English doctor who works at the school and then for the professor Paul Emmanuel.


Having been a fan of Jane Eyre I was positive that I would enjoy Charlotte Bronte’s final book Villette. However, I can honestly say that this has been one of the hardest books to read. The events in the novel are disjointed, random and can leave you feeling very confused. There are sections where you can be completely griped with the events taking place and then other parts where you discover your mind is wondering and you are not sure what’s actually happening.

This is definitely a book that I would recommend that you give the book a go and I will definitely need to revisit this book at some point in the future. 

*** 3/5 stars

Book Challenge:

Task 1: Favourite Book. Little Women / Four Sisters.



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Four Sisters.

Book Challenge: Read & Blog.

Book 1. Your favourite book.

1. Read your favourite book.
2. Post a review/summary.
3. Write a piece in any medium inspired by the book.

Little Women

Task 3.

Four Sisters

Four sisters sit on the grass looking out to sea.
Each one different from the other in temperament and dreams.

The oldest girl is fair and bright and motherly to the last.
The second one has tomboy dreams, and loves running through the grass.

The next in line is shy and quiet but a true Angel to the end.
The youngest girl, with light blonde hair, is a stereotypical youngest child.

Four sisters sit on the grass wondering where life may lead.
Each one dreaming of different paths and adventures that may be.

The oldest child who is nearly a woman dreams of love and romance.
The second girl dreams of writing fiction and travelling far and wide.

The third child dreams of staying near her family and her friends.
The youngest girl dreams of becoming rich and being a famous painting artist.

Three sisters sit on the grass looking out to sea.
Each one grown since last we met in temperament and dreams.

All are wives and also mothers with husbands loving and true.
The previous wishes have all been outgrown and have changed into something new.

Although quite changed the bond that binds them is tight and grows day after day.
For one thing unites them is the loss of a sister, who was loving in everyway.

The third youngest child was lost to young,
And womanhood she did not get to see.
Now they all feel her in their hearts, And always in their dreams.

An Angel is what they called her,
And that is what she truly did become,
For even though she may be gone,
Her love still glistens in the midday sun.

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Little Women

Book Challenge: Read & Blog.

Week 1: My favourite book.

1. Read your favourite book.
2. Post a review/summary.
3. Write a piece in any medium inspired by the book.

Task 1.
Picking a favourite book is like choosing your favourite child! I eventually came to the decision to read Little Women.

Task 2.

Book Summary.

Little Women was originally published in two volumes; the first was published in 1868 and was titled Little Women: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. The story of their lives. A girls book. It was followed by Good Wives in 1869. The two volumes were combined into one issue in 1880 under the title of Little Women.

The novel was originally written for young girls but differed from the children books that were being published at the time. The book captivates different styles of writing: The romance, the coming of age story and the quest. It also dealt with several issues that young girls faced at the time which included, domesticity, work and true love. It can also be said that Little Women delves into the inferior way women were being treated at the time.

The book opens just before Christmas and introduces us to the four very different sisters. The eldest Meg is 16 at the beginning of the book. The embodiment of what women were expected to be at the time, domesticated, hard-working and beautiful. The next child, who is the main protagonist is 15-year-old tomboy ‘Jo’ short for Josephine. Beth is 13 at the beginning of the story, she is extremely shy, sickly and often described as an angel. Amy the youngest, aged 12 is the artist of the family. A typical younger child she is occasionally self-absorbed and likes to get her own way.

In the first section of the book we travel through just 1 year of their lives, as they learn valuable life lessons on how to be good, hard-working and happy despite being poor. We learn about each girls true nature, the trials they face and the lessons they have to learn. The friends they make and how these new people in their lives can have a huge impact on their personalities. We see all of them grow in their own unique way into little women. The biggest change is with Meg who within that year develops from a child into a young woman, engaged and on the verge of womanhood. This first year shows us how day-to-day life can help us grow, trials can help us to change our ways, how a little thing can change everything and when combined, although we may not see it ourselves, we can change into a wiser person.

Good Wives picks up three years after the first book and catches us up with the changes that have taken place in the girls and those around them. In this second section we see Meg as a newly married woman and young mother, who has to deal with the expectations and responsibilities this can bring. Jo deals with learning how to control her outspoken ways and her boyish nature to eventually grow into a woman. Amy for me changes the most, she begins in the first book as a stereotypical spoilt younger child, however by the end of the final book we see her grow into a wife and mother, who becomes less self-absorbed and sets out with the help of her husband to help others less fortunate than herself. The development we see in the girls comes through opportunities being given to them, the rewards they receive and the difficulties they face in their day-to-day life. The biggest turning point for each of them is the loss of their sister Beth, who sadly dies at the age of 19/20.

Book Review.

Dealing with romance, personal ambitions, loss and the female expectations of the time this classic novel tells the beautiful coming of age story of 4 girls and their best friend Laurie, who lives next door.
I highly recommend that you read this book: 5/5
Four Sisters. Task 3.
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Book Challenge: Read & Blog.

Read & Blog

I have been inspired to create this challenge for myself and others because of this weeks Word Press Discover Challenge: LEARNING. I love to learn new things and one of the best ways to learn is through reading. So I have decided to create my own weekly challenge:

The 52 Week Book and Blog Challenge.

The Aim Of The Challenge.

  • To read 52 books over 52 weeks on a variety of subjects.
  • To then post a review or summary of the book on your blog site.
  • To use the book as inspiration for a new blog post in any medium.
  • To help you to discover authors and topics you may never have considered reading.
  • To help you to become a better writer from reading published authors and posting a book review/summary regularly.


  • You can start the challenge at anytime.
  • Ideally you should read in the order suggested, but if you want to shake it up a bit then you can. 
  • If a book takes more than a week to read don’t worry, sometimes life gets in the way. Just continue with the next book when you can.
  • Try to pick a variety of books you have read with ones you haven’t read as well.
  • When you have finished reading a book don’t forget to write your blogpost. Tip: Try not to leave too long between reading your book and writing your post.
  • Feel free to pingback your reviews to this post.

My First Week: Favourite Book.

This was personally a difficult choice for me as I have about 4/5 favourites I could have gone for. I decided I will read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott as I haven’t read this book for about 2 years!

I will be providing a review/summary on each book I decide to read, which will be found under the book review category.

Anyway, here is the list and I look forward to reading your posts.


Enjoy! 😊

The 52 Book Challenged

  1. Your favourite book.
  2. A book you have not yet read by an author you love.
  3. A book you started but never finished.
  4. A book that was made into a movie or tv series.
  5. A book that was turned into a musical or stage production.
  6. A book you own but have not yet read.
  7. Choose a book based on the cover.
  8. A book with a colour in the title.
  9. A book set in the spring or summer.
  10. A book set in the autumn or winter.
  11. Published within the last 3 months.
  12. A book set somewhere you have always wanted to visit.
  13. Choose a book with a great first line.
  14. Pick a book based on the title.
  15. A book that was published the year you were born.
  16. A book originally published in a different language.
  17. Your favourite book from your childhood.
  18. An author you’ve never heard of before.
  19. A new female writer.
  20. A new male writer.
  21. Published more than 100 years ago.
  22. Written from the main characters perspective.
  23. More than 600 pages.
  24. Less than 300 pages.
  25. The book features a character with the same name as you.
  26. A book of short stories.
  27. A book of poetry.
  28. A book with a female heroine.
  29. A book you have previously refused to read.
  30. A self improvement book.
  31. An educational book on your favourite subject at school.
  32. Educational book on a creative interest.
  33. A book on a sporting interest.
  34. Educational book you have little knowledge in.
  35. A wildlife book.
  36. A true story.
  37. A Shakespeare play you have read before.
  38. A Shakespeare play you have never read before.
  39. One of Shakespeare’s sonnets.
  40. A book of fairy tales.
  41. A comic book.
  42. A love story.
  43. A classic novel.
  44. A science fiction story.
  45. A murder mystery.
  46. Romantic comedy.
  47. A biography or autobiography.
  48. A thriller.
  49. A trilogy series.
  50. A book recommended by a friend or relative.
  51. A book everyone has read but you.
  52. A book you have learned about doing this challenge.