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The lion cubs.

Deep in the jungle,
Creeping through the woods,
Is the king of the lions
Searching for his cubs.

They went off to play,
But wondered way to far.
Now they are lost
And miss mums warm fur.

But these cubs are lucky,
As there dad is quite clever.
At tracking other animals
In all kinds of weather.

Soon the cubs are found
And carried back to camp,
Where they can snuggle up
Between mum and dad.


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Flowing Words

  • WordPress Prompt was SHIVER = The word for me evokes coldness, darkness and frozen feelings, so I decided to break the ice with my: Positive Flowing Words.

SHINE bright, keep going tonight.

Let your HOPE glide, don’t let your dreams slide.

Let your IMAGINATION flow and your love will bloom like a rose.

Your VISIONS and your dreams will soar when watching the stars gleam.

And EVERLASTING love will always flys like a dove.

And your RADIANT light, will help your soul take flight.