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Book Challenge: Read & Blog.

Challenge 2: Read a book you have never read by an author you love:

Villette. Charlotte Bronte

I decided to choose Charlotte Bronte because I am a huge fan of her novel Jane Eyre and up until now I have not read any of her other work.


Having no family or friends Lucy Snowe sets sail from England and travels to the town of Villette, where she finds employment in a girls boarding school.

It is here that she struggles with unruly pupils, the headmistress who continually spies on her staff. Later she deals with her feelings for the English doctor who works at the school and then for the professor Paul Emmanuel.


Having been a fan of Jane Eyre I was positive that I would enjoy Charlotte Bronte’s final book Villette. However, I can honestly say that this has been one of the hardest books to read. The events in the novel are disjointed, random and can leave you feeling very confused. There are sections where you can be completely griped with the events taking place and then other parts where you discover your mind is wondering and you are not sure what’s actually happening.

This is definitely a book that I would recommend that you give the book a go and I will definitely need to revisit this book at some point in the future. 

*** 3/5 stars

Book Challenge:

Task 1: Favourite Book. Little Women / Four Sisters.





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