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Nightmare: Improvised Poetry.

Nightmares Grip

The nightmare takes its grip on me.

Digging deep into my hopes and dreams.

The darkness engulfs everything  I want to be.

And leaves me shaking from my terrified screams.

I try and try to find my way out.

But there is no way to turn from the nightmares grip.

I try and try to scream and shout.

But I’m all alone on the nightmare ship.

I keep on thinking this nightmare can’t be real.

So I try and try to make it go.

But the icy grip leaves me just wanting to squeal.

And leaves me feeling so low.

Swirling around me the nightmare begins to feed on my soul.

Filling itself up on all that I have left.

Finally stopping, it lets me return home.

But it leaves me torn in two and completely bereft.

And as I begin to wake up from this dream state.

I look around at the beautiful daybreak.

And begin to feel the light rejuvenate.

My soul renews and begins to wake.

From the nightmare that was never real.

It was just a dream which had taken too much control.

But I’ve woken now and I’m ready to feel.

And I will not let it take its toll.

So I stand up straight.

And I stand up tall.

Letting the nightmare know that I won’t give into hate.

And I’m standing here, I will not fall.

If I always have love and hope

And I keep my dreams alive.

I know I can always cope.

And I know that I will survive!




Actor, singer, writer. Artistic Director/Owner of Purple Cast Productions. Loves theatre, films, reading and keeping fit. Member of The Writers Bureau and Slimming World.

One thought on “Nightmare: Improvised Poetry.

  1. Hello CreativeWritingBox, I am very fond of poetry and I like what you are trying to do with this poem but it feels a little long winded and repetitive compared to some of the published work I have read.


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