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Four Sisters.

Book Challenge: Read & Blog.

Book 1. Your favourite book.

1. Read your favourite book.
2. Post a review/summary.
3. Write a piece in any medium inspired by the book.

Little Women

Task 3.

Four Sisters

Four sisters sit on the grass looking out to sea.
Each one different from the other in temperament and dreams.

The oldest girl is fair and bright and motherly to the last.
The second one has tomboy dreams, and loves running through the grass.

The next in line is shy and quiet but a true Angel to the end.
The youngest girl, with light blonde hair, is a stereotypical youngest child.

Four sisters sit on the grass wondering where life may lead.
Each one dreaming of different paths and adventures that may be.

The oldest child who is nearly a woman dreams of love and romance.
The second girl dreams of writing fiction and travelling far and wide.

The third child dreams of staying near her family and her friends.
The youngest girl dreams of becoming rich and being a famous painting artist.

Three sisters sit on the grass looking out to sea.
Each one grown since last we met in temperament and dreams.

All are wives and also mothers with husbands loving and true.
The previous wishes have all been outgrown and have changed into something new.

Although quite changed the bond that binds them is tight and grows day after day.
For one thing unites them is the loss of a sister, who was loving in everyway.

The third youngest child was lost to young,
And womanhood she did not get to see.
Now they all feel her in their hearts, And always in their dreams.

An Angel is what they called her,
And that is what she truly did become,
For even though she may be gone,
Her love still glistens in the midday sun.



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