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Quotes and Inspiration

Open Your Heart: Inspiration


“Take out the key. Unlock the door.
What lies behind there is amazing.
What lies behind there is you”


‘Close your eyes, dream your dream. Now open your eyes get off your arse and make your dreams come true!


Dance, run and sing in the rain. For when the storm as passed the sun will shine and a brighter tomorrow awaits.


Happiness is in front of you ready to be grabbed.
Reach out and bring it towards you, wrap it around you,
and feel the light engulf you.


Love is an ocean: It can be stormy, ferocious and temperamental.
But when it is just right – You can dive in and swim without fear of drowning!


Open the door to your cage and set yourself free.




Actor, singer, writer. Artistic Director/Owner of Purple Cast Productions. Loves theatre, films, reading and keeping fit. Member of The Writers Bureau and Slimming World.

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