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Performance: Ingrained within my soul

One of my favourite activities, which I am also lucky enough to call my career, is performance.

Performing can be described as a display of entertainment using a variety of art forms; including, spoken words, musical notes and dance. As a performer, I specifically enjoy focusing on the disciplines of acting and singing.

There are many reasons why I love performance; however, it is not for the reasons many people think. No, it’s not for the fame and it is also definitely not for the money. Around one percent of performers are actually earning a top bracket wage within their chosen field; the rest are in low income work or are currently unemployed.

I am one of those unknown entertainers, and frankly, I really don’t care! Yes, recognition for my craft would be nice but the main reason I do what I do is for the love, the truth, and the passion; for those moments when I am on stage; the curtains open, the lights hit, and the magic begins. For those brief moments in time when I become the character and get to live another life; it’s the adrenaline rush that happens before, during, and after a performance, and knowing each time is new, fresh, and unique. Having an opportunity to entertain an audience, to communicate a story, an idea, a perspective, and to have that audience invest in everything I am saying, everything I am doing, and the emotions I am expressing.

However, there really is only one true way to express why I enjoy performance on such a passionate, deep, and personal level. The reason simply is, that I can’t imagine myself not being on stage, and not having the opportunity to feel the electric atmosphere.

Performance is ingrained within my soul, and it will remain there forever.



Actor, singer, writer. Artistic Director/Owner of Purple Cast Productions. Loves theatre, films, reading and keeping fit. Member of The Writers Bureau and Slimming World.

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