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Help For Depression

‘You can be in a room with loads of people and still feel completely alone’

When you are feeling depressed, helpless, lonely or completely empty inside. Then give the following tips a go.

*I did and they are starting to help me!

1. Go and see your doctor. There is no shame in asking for help!

* If you are in danger of self harm or you are having suicidal thoughts, then call the EMERGENCY SERVICES.

2. Visit family and friends. If no one lives near by then give them a call.

3. Get involved in a local social group.

4. Take up a fitness class or start cycling or

5. Watch your favourite Tv show, watch a film you love or read a good book. One of my personal favourites is
Little Women.

6. Take a class at a local college or a free online course like Future Learn

7. Start writing a journal or an online blog.

8. Create your own event or personal challenge. Here’s mine.
Book Challenge: Read & Blog.

9. Visit somewhere you love. E.g. The beach, your favourite attraction or go for a walk in the countryside.


*These tips are not here to replace medical help, so for my 10th tip, I am going to repeat the number 1 tip!


10. Go and see your doctor, ask for counselling. If it is an emergency then call your EMERGENCY SERVICES.


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Summer Sun

Summer Is Here

Summer is here,
Lets go out and celebrate,
With icecream and lollies,
Strawberries and cream.

We can put on our shorts, t-shirts and hats,
We can pile on the suntan,
And we can swim in the sea,
We can walk along the beach and have a barbeque for tea.

Summer is here and the sun is out,
Let’s not waste anymore time sitting about.
Let’s all go out and watch the sunshine,
Let’s watch it until the glorious nighttime.

Open the windows,
And open the doors:
Oh, it’s raining outside,
Let’s go back indoors.

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Four Sisters.

Book Challenge: Read & Blog.

Book 1. Your favourite book.

1. Read your favourite book.
2. Post a review/summary.
3. Write a piece in any medium inspired by the book.

Little Women

Task 3.

Four Sisters

Four sisters sit on the grass looking out to sea.
Each one different from the other in temperament and dreams.

The oldest girl is fair and bright and motherly to the last.
The second one has tomboy dreams, and loves running through the grass.

The next in line is shy and quiet but a true Angel to the end.
The youngest girl, with light blonde hair, is a stereotypical youngest child.

Four sisters sit on the grass wondering where life may lead.
Each one dreaming of different paths and adventures that may be.

The oldest child who is nearly a woman dreams of love and romance.
The second girl dreams of writing fiction and travelling far and wide.

The third child dreams of staying near her family and her friends.
The youngest girl dreams of becoming rich and being a famous painting artist.

Three sisters sit on the grass looking out to sea.
Each one grown since last we met in temperament and dreams.

All are wives and also mothers with husbands loving and true.
The previous wishes have all been outgrown and have changed into something new.

Although quite changed the bond that binds them is tight and grows day after day.
For one thing unites them is the loss of a sister, who was loving in everyway.

The third youngest child was lost to young,
And womanhood she did not get to see.
Now they all feel her in their hearts, And always in their dreams.

An Angel is what they called her,
And that is what she truly did become,
For even though she may be gone,
Her love still glistens in the midday sun.

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Little Women

Book Challenge: Read & Blog.

Week 1: My favourite book.

1. Read your favourite book.
2. Post a review/summary.
3. Write a piece in any medium inspired by the book.

Task 1.
Picking a favourite book is like choosing your favourite child! I eventually came to the decision to read Little Women.

Task 2.

Book Summary.

Little Women was originally published in two volumes; the first was published in 1868 and was titled Little Women: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. The story of their lives. A girls book. It was followed by Good Wives in 1869. The two volumes were combined into one issue in 1880 under the title of Little Women.

The novel was originally written for young girls but differed from the children books that were being published at the time. The book captivates different styles of writing: The romance, the coming of age story and the quest. It also dealt with several issues that young girls faced at the time which included, domesticity, work and true love. It can also be said that Little Women delves into the inferior way women were being treated at the time.

The book opens just before Christmas and introduces us to the four very different sisters. The eldest Meg is 16 at the beginning of the book. The embodiment of what women were expected to be at the time, domesticated, hard-working and beautiful. The next child, who is the main protagonist is 15-year-old tomboy ‘Jo’ short for Josephine. Beth is 13 at the beginning of the story, she is extremely shy, sickly and often described as an angel. Amy the youngest, aged 12 is the artist of the family. A typical younger child she is occasionally self-absorbed and likes to get her own way.

In the first section of the book we travel through just 1 year of their lives, as they learn valuable life lessons on how to be good, hard-working and happy despite being poor. We learn about each girls true nature, the trials they face and the lessons they have to learn. The friends they make and how these new people in their lives can have a huge impact on their personalities. We see all of them grow in their own unique way into little women. The biggest change is with Meg who within that year develops from a child into a young woman, engaged and on the verge of womanhood. This first year shows us how day-to-day life can help us grow, trials can help us to change our ways, how a little thing can change everything and when combined, although we may not see it ourselves, we can change into a wiser person.

Good Wives picks up three years after the first book and catches us up with the changes that have taken place in the girls and those around them. In this second section we see Meg as a newly married woman and young mother, who has to deal with the expectations and responsibilities this can bring. Jo deals with learning how to control her outspoken ways and her boyish nature to eventually grow into a woman. Amy for me changes the most, she begins in the first book as a stereotypical spoilt younger child, however by the end of the final book we see her grow into a wife and mother, who becomes less self-absorbed and sets out with the help of her husband to help others less fortunate than herself. The development we see in the girls comes through opportunities being given to them, the rewards they receive and the difficulties they face in their day-to-day life. The biggest turning point for each of them is the loss of their sister Beth, who sadly dies at the age of 19/20.

Book Review.

Dealing with romance, personal ambitions, loss and the female expectations of the time this classic novel tells the beautiful coming of age story of 4 girls and their best friend Laurie, who lives next door.
I highly recommend that you read this book: 5/5
Four Sisters. Task 3.
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A poem for my dad Les Jeffries. 1952 – 1994.

Happy Fathers Day.


📷 Me and my dad.
📷 Photo Copyright: Wendy Jeffries.


When I was a child you would hold me,
you would show me you were there,
you always cherished, loved and held me,
you showed me that you cared.

Growing up with you,
kept my dreams alive,
your smiling face,
your fun and laughter,
we never thought would die.

Then one day you had to leave,
your love had to go away,
all I had left was a broken heart,
and tears I thought would never fade.

Day by day,
year by year,
my tears start to fade,
but memories I have of you will stay forever,
cherished in my heart.

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Quotes and Inspiration

Open Your Heart: Inspiration


“Take out the key. Unlock the door.
What lies behind there is amazing.
What lies behind there is you”


‘Close your eyes, dream your dream. Now open your eyes get off your arse and make your dreams come true!


Dance, run and sing in the rain. For when the storm as passed the sun will shine and a brighter tomorrow awaits.


Happiness is in front of you ready to be grabbed.
Reach out and bring it towards you, wrap it around you,
and feel the light engulf you.


Love is an ocean: It can be stormy, ferocious and temperamental.
But when it is just right – You can dive in and swim without fear of drowning!


Open the door to your cage and set yourself free.


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Rebuild Your Life

How can you rebuild your life when everything’s turned to dust?
How can you rebuild your life when all you want to do is to sit and rust?

How can you rebuild your life when you just want to sit and sob?
How can you rebuild your life when you you just want the world to stop?

We need to know how to rebuild our lives before it is to late.
We need to know how to rebuild our lives so we can live in a hopeful state.

We need to rebuild our lives so we know what our dreams may be.
We need to rebuild our lives so a future we can once again see.

So help us to rebuild our lives so we can set our sights high.
So help us to rebuild our lives so we can once again fly.

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Performance: Ingrained within my soul

One of my favourite activities, which I am also lucky enough to call my career, is performance.

Performing can be described as a display of entertainment using a variety of art forms; including, spoken words, musical notes and dance. As a performer, I specifically enjoy focusing on the disciplines of acting and singing.

There are many reasons why I love performance; however, it is not for the reasons many people think. No, it’s not for the fame and it is also definitely not for the money. Around one percent of performers are actually earning a top bracket wage within their chosen field; the rest are in low income work or are currently unemployed.

I am one of those unknown entertainers, and frankly, I really don’t care! Yes, recognition for my craft would be nice but the main reason I do what I do is for the love, the truth, and the passion; for those moments when I am on stage; the curtains open, the lights hit, and the magic begins. For those brief moments in time when I become the character and get to live another life; it’s the adrenaline rush that happens before, during, and after a performance, and knowing each time is new, fresh, and unique. Having an opportunity to entertain an audience, to communicate a story, an idea, a perspective, and to have that audience invest in everything I am saying, everything I am doing, and the emotions I am expressing.

However, there really is only one true way to express why I enjoy performance on such a passionate, deep, and personal level. The reason simply is, that I can’t imagine myself not being on stage, and not having the opportunity to feel the electric atmosphere.

Performance is ingrained within my soul, and it will remain there forever.