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Thoughts, Feelings and Poetry

A collection of thoughts, feelings and poetry on: Dreams


Dream Days

Dreams in the heather,
Where we always run.
Looking for treasure,
Our souls search for fun.

Light as a feather,
In the midnight sun.

Coming together,
Forever as one.



Close your eyes,
dream your dream.
Now open your eyes
get off your arse
and make your dreams come true.


Keep Dreaming

Keep dreaming of all the things you want to achieve.

Keep dreaming of all the things you want to be.

Keep dreaming, never give up and always reach for the stars.

Keep dreaming because if you stop a greyer world you will quickly see.

Keep dreaming because life’s about seeing the colours of hope, love and happiness.

And setting yourself free!



Angel Wings



Actor, singer, writer. Artistic Director/Owner of Purple Cast Productions. Loves theatre, films, reading and keeping fit. Member of The Writers Bureau and Slimming World.

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