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Dawlish: The home for my soul.

WordPress Daily Prompt: BEACH.

Dawlish in Devon has always been one of my favourite places to visit. Ever since I was a young child I have enjoyed coming here and experiencing everything the town has to offer.

There is the local Warren where you can experience the buzzing of bees, the smell of decadent flowers, the chatter of birds, and all the other various animals and insects roaming, joyfully free. You can listen intently for the rattle, chinks and clangs of the trains when they pass by and look out over the stunning countryside views, jagged cliffs and the beautiful scenic pathways, which all add to the natural splendour of the area.

My favourite activities include walking alongside the river which flows gently through the middle of the high street. Sitting on the soft green grass next to the riverbank, I love to close my eyes and breathe in the wonderful aromas that surround me: The smell of roast dinners drifting out of the cafes and local village pubs; the smell of fresh baked bread, cream cakes, ice cream and clotted cream mix together to tantalise my taste buds. When I open my eyes all my childhood holiday memories flood back to me as I watch the swans swim happily by and see the excited children throw food onto the floor and hear them all roar with laughter as they watch the ducklings scurrying after the bits of food they have dropped, swallowing them and then splashing back into the water before the seagulls and pigeons boisterously swoop in to take what’s left. 

I would have to say that my favourite place in Dawlish has to be the stunning coastline. When I am here I feel as though my mind and body are totally relaxed and my troubles are all melting away. I love removing my shoes and stepping onto the beach and feeling the warmth of the sand slither between by toes. I feel the soft sea breeze sweeping through my hair; I breathe in and my nostrils are filled with the fragrance of washed up seaweed, mixed together with the odour of fresh prawns and muscles from the nearby food stand. I step into the sea, letting the soft, cool water wrap around my ankles as I glide along the shoreline and take in the alluring oceanic view.

Dawlish. My second home, my haven. My favourite place to be.


Beach: Dawlish the home for my soul.



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