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Book Challenge: Read & Blog.

Read & Blog

I have been inspired to create this challenge for myself and others because of this weeks Word Press Discover Challenge: LEARNING. I love to learn new things and one of the best ways to learn is through reading. So I have decided to create my own weekly challenge:

The 52 Week Book and Blog Challenge.

The Aim Of The Challenge.

  • To read 52 books over 52 weeks on a variety of subjects.
  • To then post a review or summary of the book on your blog site.
  • To use the book as inspiration for a new blog post in any medium.
  • To help you to discover authors and topics you may never have considered reading.
  • To help you to become a better writer from reading published authors and posting a book review/summary regularly.


  • You can start the challenge at anytime.
  • Ideally you should read in the order suggested, but if you want to shake it up a bit then you can. 
  • If a book takes more than a week to read don’t worry, sometimes life gets in the way. Just continue with the next book when you can.
  • Try to pick a variety of books you have read with ones you haven’t read as well.
  • When you have finished reading a book don’t forget to write your blogpost. Tip: Try not to leave too long between reading your book and writing your post.
  • Feel free to pingback your reviews to this post.

My First Week: Favourite Book.

This was personally a difficult choice for me as I have about 4/5 favourites I could have gone for. I decided I will read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott as I haven’t read this book for about 2 years!

I will be providing a review/summary on each book I decide to read, which will be found under the book review category.

Anyway, here is the list and I look forward to reading your posts.


Enjoy! 😊

The 52 Book Challenged

  1. Your favourite book.
  2. A book you have not yet read by an author you love.
  3. A book you started but never finished.
  4. A book that was made into a movie or tv series.
  5. A book that was turned into a musical or stage production.
  6. A book you own but have not yet read.
  7. Choose a book based on the cover.
  8. A book with a colour in the title.
  9. A book set in the spring or summer.
  10. A book set in the autumn or winter.
  11. Published within the last 3 months.
  12. A book set somewhere you have always wanted to visit.
  13. Choose a book with a great first line.
  14. Pick a book based on the title.
  15. A book that was published the year you were born.
  16. A book originally published in a different language.
  17. Your favourite book from your childhood.
  18. An author you’ve never heard of before.
  19. A new female writer.
  20. A new male writer.
  21. Published more than 100 years ago.
  22. Written from the main characters perspective.
  23. More than 600 pages.
  24. Less than 300 pages.
  25. The book features a character with the same name as you.
  26. A book of short stories.
  27. A book of poetry.
  28. A book with a female heroine.
  29. A book you have previously refused to read.
  30. A self improvement book.
  31. An educational book on your favourite subject at school.
  32. Educational book on a creative interest.
  33. A book on a sporting interest.
  34. Educational book you have little knowledge in.
  35. A wildlife book.
  36. A true story.
  37. A Shakespeare play you have read before.
  38. A Shakespeare play you have never read before.
  39. One of Shakespeare’s sonnets.
  40. A book of fairy tales.
  41. A comic book.
  42. A love story.
  43. A classic novel.
  44. A science fiction story.
  45. A murder mystery.
  46. Romantic comedy.
  47. A biography or autobiography.
  48. A thriller.
  49. A trilogy series.
  50. A book recommended by a friend or relative.
  51. A book everyone has read but you.
  52. A book you have learned about doing this challenge.
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The fork in the road.

Different Paths

Standing here all alone.
Abandoned, scared and nowhere to call home.

Need to find my way out.
Of this darkness, fear and my own self-doubt.

Many ways I could turn.
But terrified that it will leave me burned.

Mind spinning at this plight.
The fork in the road can go left or right.

Which way is best for me.
The way that leads me to the light I see.

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Thoughts, Feelings and Poetry

A collection of thoughts, feelings and poetry on: Dreams


Dream Days

Dreams in the heather,
Where we always run.
Looking for treasure,
Our souls search for fun.

Light as a feather,
In the midnight sun.

Coming together,
Forever as one.



Close your eyes,
dream your dream.
Now open your eyes
get off your arse
and make your dreams come true.


Keep Dreaming

Keep dreaming of all the things you want to achieve.

Keep dreaming of all the things you want to be.

Keep dreaming, never give up and always reach for the stars.

Keep dreaming because if you stop a greyer world you will quickly see.

Keep dreaming because life’s about seeing the colours of hope, love and happiness.

And setting yourself free!



Angel Wings

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Poetry flows from my mind.
No thoughts are left behind.
Kaleidoscope of light and dark.
Help ignite my inner spark.
Dreams of castles, knights and witches.
My hopes, cares, loves and wishes.
Feelings that have sometimes bitten.
Onto paper words are written.
Poetry flows from my mind.
Where no thoughts are left behind.



Chaos of the mind

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Chaos of the mind

The chaos is buried deep, deep inside my troubled mind.

The chaos is always spewing, spewing out at the wrong time.

I can hear it beating, beating like a drum.

I can feel it burning, burning like the sun.

The noise inside is whizzing, whizzing to the beat, the beat of that drum.

The pain inside is sizzling, sizzling like that hot, hot sun.

I close my eyes to the chaos, the chaos of feelings, feelings that are whizzing, whizzing so fast, so fast that I can hear it beating, beating to the heat, the heat of the sun, the sun that is sizzling, sizzling deep inside my troubled mind.

I open my eyes to the chaos, the chaos of feelings, feelings that are sizzling, sizzling to the beating, the beating of the drum, the drum that is burning, burning so hot, so hot that I can feel it spewing, spewing out my troubled mind at the wrong time.

The chaos is buried deep, deep inside my troubled mind, my troubled mind which is whizzing, whizzing and beating, beating to the heat, the heat of that drum, that drum which is spewing, spewing out that beat, that beat inside that is sizzling, sizzling and burning, burning to the heat, the heat of the sun.

The chaos of the mind is buried deep inside my sizzling, beating, whizzing, burning, spewing, drumming ….


Chaos of the mind

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Dawlish: The home for my soul.

WordPress Daily Prompt: BEACH.

Dawlish in Devon has always been one of my favourite places to visit. Ever since I was a young child I have enjoyed coming here and experiencing everything the town has to offer.

There is the local Warren where you can experience the buzzing of bees, the smell of decadent flowers, the chatter of birds, and all the other various animals and insects roaming, joyfully free. You can listen intently for the rattle, chinks and clangs of the trains when they pass by and look out over the stunning countryside views, jagged cliffs and the beautiful scenic pathways, which all add to the natural splendour of the area.

My favourite activities include walking alongside the river which flows gently through the middle of the high street. Sitting on the soft green grass next to the riverbank, I love to close my eyes and breathe in the wonderful aromas that surround me: The smell of roast dinners drifting out of the cafes and local village pubs; the smell of fresh baked bread, cream cakes, ice cream and clotted cream mix together to tantalise my taste buds. When I open my eyes all my childhood holiday memories flood back to me as I watch the swans swim happily by and see the excited children throw food onto the floor and hear them all roar with laughter as they watch the ducklings scurrying after the bits of food they have dropped, swallowing them and then splashing back into the water before the seagulls and pigeons boisterously swoop in to take what’s left. 

I would have to say that my favourite place in Dawlish has to be the stunning coastline. When I am here I feel as though my mind and body are totally relaxed and my troubles are all melting away. I love removing my shoes and stepping onto the beach and feeling the warmth of the sand slither between by toes. I feel the soft sea breeze sweeping through my hair; I breathe in and my nostrils are filled with the fragrance of washed up seaweed, mixed together with the odour of fresh prawns and muscles from the nearby food stand. I step into the sea, letting the soft, cool water wrap around my ankles as I glide along the shoreline and take in the alluring oceanic view.

Dawlish. My second home, my haven. My favourite place to be.


Beach: Dawlish the home for my soul.

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Hope: Holding on.

Hold on, keep believing and never give up they say.

Hold on, keep believing, no matter what comes your way.

I’m holding on and I will keep believing even though I want to just fall apart.

I’m holding on and I will keep believing even though the pain cuts through my heart.

So I’m holding on and still believing that everything will work out fine.

And I’m holding on and still believing that my heart will once again shine.

  • WordPress Daily Prompt: HOPE.

Hope: Holding On.

Poetry Collection.


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Poetry Collection.

Paint Drops.

The paint drops flicker,
onto canvas white as snow.
A kaleidoscope.


Midnight strikes, girls take flight.
Stay away from Jack tonight.
Hide away from his grasp.
Or you’ll be in Whitechapel’s past.


I watched the Fairies dance tonight. Skipping around under moonlight. A wonderful, glorious sight. Watching magic unfold this night.


The glittering stars
Shine bright on this wonderful,
magnificent night.